China Stage lighting industry market

     Lighting is a very important form of stage art. In the 1920s, the role of lighting was not well understood. At that time that the lighting is nothing more than to illuminate the stage, so that the audience can see clearly. After some stage artists on the stage lighting were explored, try to light and stage drama integration, which opened the stage lighting technology development.

    Stage lighting from one or two, developed into a row or two or more rows. Thus, the lighting control system appeared. Experienced an early control of a lever, a number of joysticks, centralized control, paragraph controlled device changes, but these devices in the manual process is still very complex, can not guarantee the best state of art.

    The late 80s of last century, with the development of computer technology, the use of computer storage of lighting information is more and more commonplace instead of a large number of complicated manual operation.

    Into this century, the rapid development of digital technology, professional stage lighting has gradually stepped into the field of comprehensive digital age. At present, large-scale outdoor activities used in professional lighting equipment, the vast majority of the use of digital control. Digital technology to the stage lighting has brought a profound revolution. With digital technology to connect lighting control system, making the lighting control more intelligent, this stage for the performance of many.

    Corresponding to the development of stage lighting technology, China's professional lighting industry started from the 20th century, 90's, when people's living standards have been significantly improved, led the rapid rise in the entertainment industry to stimulate demand for professional lighting growth, thus direct Led the entire industry the first rapid development. But in the next few years, the lighting industry growth rate slowed down. By 2001, the number of manufacturers to reduce sharply, the relative concentration of the brand, the gradual standardization of product quality, price transparency is also gradually increased. 2002 to 2003, the professional lighting industry continued to rise steadily, to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the Guangzhou Asian Games, the founding of the 90-year celebration in 2011 and the Universiade and a series of large-scale event celebrations, China's professional The lighting industry ushered in a new wave of development.

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